Goal 2006!
a media research project focussing on the World Cup in the Era of Globalization

MOMENTS following the final game of the 2006 World Cup, subscribers to the SMS project of Goal 2006! received the following message from Paris via Iowa City:

"Azzurri World Champions, Ending 24 Years of National Doubt. At Last, Italy Rejoices."

This message, along with some final posts by some of 'the field's' brilliant contributors,' signaled the end of the project's real time production, although the RSS feeds continue to display

In the weeks and months ahead, we'll be supplementing the site with additional photography, video and audio captured the night of the final at a sprited public viewing of the match in Paris' third arrondissment; signs of the Azzurri victory in Venice, Italy in the days following; and interviews in Croatia with Italian contributor Francesco Molinari.

The research component of the project continues as we develop archiving strategies that will allow future visitors to view the project at various moments of its evolution during the tournament.

Our thanks again to all participants.


23 November 2007:
Visitors, please note: Due to a technical glitch with the 7.3 release of Quicktime, the audio on Goal 2006!'s videos are temporarily out of service for those of you who have updated your version of Quicktime. We [and Apple!] are working to fix this problem and thank you for your patience.