Goal 2006!
a media research project focussing on the World Cup in the Era of Globalization
Jon Winet

Director of Technology Development
Craig Dietrich

Stuttgart Project Co-director
Anne-Catrin Schultz

Launch date: June 9, 2006:

Goal 2006!
a media research project focusing on the World Cup in the era of globalization in four elements:

Web Site [http://www.goal2006.net]
The central element of the site is a virtual football card in 64 versions, featuring updates and RSS media feeds for the participating FIFA countries, original video, audio and photography, and field reports worldwide Contributors welcome! With Craig Dietrich, Technology Development.


SMS|MMS project [with limited availability to U.S. and Canada cell phone users]. Visit the web site to subscribe for daily text or rich content messages to your mobile devices. With Craig Dietrich and Onomy Labs.


Workshop at the University of Stuttgart Architecture & Urban Planning Department, co-taught with Anne-Catrin Schultz, June 7-June 29.


June 26 — July 5.
Exhibition/Installation at Rocker 33|Dialekt with sponsorship from the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany. In conjunction with the University of Stuttgart workshop. Special thanks to the workshop participants and project co-director Anne-Catrin Schultz, and to Thorsten Neumann-Dialekt e.V/Kulturdirektion (Rocker33).

Public Reception for the exhibition and University of Stuttgart workshop
Thursday, June 22, 19:00
Kleines Foyer
Dialekt e.V|Rocker 33
Heilbronner Str. 7, Stuttgart


Funded in part by a grant from The University of Iowa Arts & Humanities Initiative, and with support from The University of Iowa School of Art & Art History Intermedia Area.


We extend heartfelt thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their invaluable contributions to the project:

Database Architect
Chad Cooney

Field Content Management and Translation
Vanessa Vobis

Francesco Molinari
Nadija Mustapic

The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences School of Art & Art History
School of Art & Art History Intermedia Area
Arts & Humanities Initiative
International Programs

Rocker 33 and Dialekt, Stuttgart, Germany
Thorsten Neumann-Dialekt e.V /Kulturdirektion (Rocker33).

Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany
Iris Dressler, Co-director
Hans Christ, Co-director

The University of Stuttgart
Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
Institut für Baukonstruktion, Professor Peter Cheret

Technology Development Consultants
Tim Dietrich

Onomy Labs, Menlo Park, California, USA
Dale MacDonald
Scott Minneman

The University of Iowa ITS Academic Technologies
Leslie Finken
Greyson Purcell
Kaspar Stromme

Denny Krall

Josh Kaine

Steven Strait

Verizon Wireless New Jersey
Michael Trupia
Eugene Oliva

Julian Brunner
Eric Bryden
Merrill Christopher
Sarah Cook
Chad Cooney
Björk Einarsdóttir
Daniel Gerber
Albrecht Gerlach
Franz Hochstrasser
Isabelle Huelle
David Jameson
Nina Jürgens
Mary Agnes Krell
Tomislav Kuzmanovic
Ana Ergovic Kuzmanovic
Michael Lozykowski
Christopher Merril
Nadija Mustapic
Francesco Molinari
Anne Jin Soo Preston
Debra L. Pughe
Ira Rothstein
Don Russell
Allen Spore
Vanessa Vobis
Nik Weidler

with special thanks to the brilliant sports photographers whose work is included on the front of the virtual card

Additional Support
Stella Schultz
Clyde Schultz
Rob Clocker
Thomas Fütterer
Ulrike Goerlich
Norbert Goerlich
Sonja Goerlich
D.L. Pughe
Kelly Jo Gould
Kevin McGlynn
Henny Penney

Mary-Agnes Krell

Sarah Cook
David Jaymeson
Andy Hudson
Ali Craighead
Jon Thomson
Shawn Newsam

and mr. dog

... partial list under construction ...

revised: 5 July 2006 07:40 CDT [PDT - 08:00]

23 November 2007:
Visitors, please note: Due to a technical glitch with the 7.3 release of Quicktime, the audio on Goal 2006!'s videos are temporarily out of service for those of you who have updated your version of Quicktime. We [and Apple!] are working to fix this problem and thank you for your patience.